June 16, 2020

Can You Be An Email Campaign Guru

Before you even get started, make sure your tools/programs are all set up and integrated. Integrating programs is one way to streamline your workflow. Brainstorm other ways to streamline workflow. Working efficiently will make it easier to keep track of all the pieces needed for your campaign. And it will also help you work faster.

Once you are ready to send, use data from previous campaigns to optimize future ones. Are you sending to the right people? How about at the right time? Are there any issues within your system that could be making it hard for your campaign to reach its intended target?  

How about after you’ve sent your campaign? What can you do to maximize its effectiveness? Are you collecting data from your campaign? Are you using it to retarget those in your campaign? Think about how your customers perceive your brand as a single entity can help you develop your relationship with them smoother.

Sharing information from your campaign across every channel helps you to appear more cohesive. Also sharing data gleaned from your campaign within your organization can make you more effective and efficient. Sharing is caring!


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