June 11, 2020

You Deserve A Break

When you work from home it’s easy to feel like you always need to be actually working. Working from home can blur the line between “work” time and “you” time.

Therefore, it’s especially important to take some time out of the workday for yourself. Carving out that time can actually help you work more productively. Take short breaks when you feel you need them, even if it’s just getting up and stretching your legs for a bit.

Schedule a time to have lunch, away from your computer. You could even go out and get lunch at your favorite neighborhood lunch spot. (Just make sure you communicate with your team that you are stepping out for a bit.)

Set goals for yourself. Then treat yourself to a walk, a cup of coffee, or a snack when you cross tasks off your list. If possible, give yourself a change in scenery. Go to your favorite coffee shop and make it a goal to finish a specific project while you are there. Mix it up!  

If you are not used to it, working from home can feel like a wrench in your daily life. Use your rewards as a way to make it enjoyable! It’s okay to have fun with it. If life gives you lemons… make some lemonade.


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