June 15, 2020

Need To Make WFH More Comfortable?

Are starting to dream of your office chair, you know the one with the nice lumbar support? Working from home and in a makeshift office space can take a toll on your body. So, what can you do to not get sore?  

Are you having to work off your laptop? Laptops can be an ergonomic nightmare. Make sure that your laptop, or monitor is at eyebrow level, so you don’t have to be looking down. (Added bonus, you’ll look great in zoom meetings!) If possible, use an external keyboard and mouse. Keep the keyboard flat to give your wrists a break.

What about the awesome office chair with the lumbar support? Is there a way to mimic it with a dining room chair? A rolled-up hand towel works great as makeshift lumbar support. The lumbar support will help you sit straighter and relive some pressure from your lower back and neck. Lowering your chair or getting a footrest will help you be balanced and grounded, giving your back more of a rest as well.

Don’t forget to get up and move. Google some stretches that target whatever is sore. You may be surprised by how much a rolled-up hand towel and few stretches can improve your WFH experience.


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