June 19, 2020

Modern Art Projects

Looking for a fun art project to do with your kids (or by yourself honestly) this summer? The Tate Modern art museum in London has a website full of fun (and education) things to do to keep you busy this summer. All the projects have pictures and easy to follow instructions. The projects are based on famous artists and movements.

Here’s three that we are excited to try.

Friendship bracelets. Woven bracelets are super trendy this year. They are easy to make but can keep you busy for a long time. So many of us are missing our friends this summer, homemade bracelets can be a great gift to remind them you are thinking them.

Make art like Andy Warhol. This lesson explains some of the history of the pop art movement and Warhol’s contributions. It features two projects. The second project is a Marilyn inspired selfie diptych. It teaches you how to print out a black and white selfie to color in with different colors.

Make marbled paper with foam. This looks super fun if you are in the mood to get a bit messy. Inspired by German artist Gerhard Richter, this lesson teaches you how to make abstract marbled paper with shaving cream and food dye. The marbled paper can then be turned into many things like origami, bunting, or a card for a friend.

We would love to see all the amazing things you create!


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