Occupant Lists

Reach Out to Every USPS Address and Save Money

With the most complete list, you can reach virtually everyone in the neighborhood, (or the entire community). All at a fraction of the traditional cost to mail items.

Saturation marketing comes down to numbers and location, the most important variable you have absolute control over is the physical location of your audience.

Location is usually an essential element in determining whether someone will end up as your customer as factors such as Drive Time, natural or man-made obstacles, proximity to competitors along with other geographic considerations play a substantial role in response rates.

Our clients depend on our up to date, verified lists for better marketing ROI and lower costs. If you want to reach every single address for the lowest price, there’s no better option than saturation mail.

Boost Results, Leverage the Powerful OccupantName Advantage

Everyone loves to see their own name. Personalize your mail piece with the National List Services OccupantName tool.

By adding the head of household’s name to each address, you get the same postal rate, but usually a far better response. National List Services provides you the coverage into approximately 70% of deliverable addresses with current Head of Household’s name. You will still obtain saturation postage rates, but typically create a higher response rate through personalization.

If you need the ultimate in occupant list marketing, then OccupantName is the solution for you.