Digital Audiences

Digital Audiences For Improved Targeting And Productivity in Display, Video, Mobile, APP & Social Campaigns.

It is important for marketers to create stronger audiences to boost campaign performance. Whether it’s defining your target audience, establishing a new customer base or cross promoting your products or services to your highest performing audiences.

At National List Services, there are endless data combinations and selections that can help you achieve the campaign results you desire. Using our inventory of data, we can find even the most unique audiences to help you connect your products or services to the customers who are ready to buy.

Equip Your Business

Find the most valuable customer insights for your products or services and create more relevant interactions with your prospects while increasing effectiveness and saving on your overall media spend.

Through our various partnerships, we give you all the tools needed to create a powerful presence both online and offline maximizing your marketing results.

What Can We Do With Digital Audiences?

  1. Enrich Your First-Party Data
  2. Analyze Competitors Audiences
  3. Create Lookalike Audiences
  4. Define Custom Audiences
  5. Reach Your Audience Across Their Connected Devices with A Single Click
  6. Serve Advertisements to Users of Specific Apps, Specific Web Domain Visitors, Social Media Page Followers and so much more