Audience OnBoarding

What Is It?

Audience onboarding is the process of uploading your own prospect or customer list to a digital platform that matches your file to a specific userbase.

A couple of popular examples of this are Facebook and Twitter. On both platforms, you can upload a prospect or customer file to their systems and they will in turn match the individuals in your file to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Then you can target your advertisements to their profiles.

How It Works

Why Is Onboarding Important?

Audience Onboarding is important for marketers because it solves all of the problem of cookies and opens major opportunities up for marketers. No only does onboarding tie files to online users, but a ton of information can be taken into account when target marketing. All the strategies used in the offline world can be easily applied to digital platforms, meaning, digital marketers can target people more intelligently.

Regardless of your role, direct or digital, audience onboarding presents an awesome opportunity. Understanding, harnessing and mastering the power behind it will be a must in both the short and long term.