Data Resources

Many companies fail to contact great customers in their leads database – all because of inaccurate or incomplete data. Don’t let this happen to you. Clean and update your marketing data. Create and keep your most profitable relationships.

We can help you:

  • Remove duplicates, verify and append
  • Enhance your data: get phone numbers / emails for your list; segment customers by demographics, lifestyle
  • Merge / purge: add multiple lists together and keep only the best records
  • Data hygiene: reduce undeliverable mail by updating your address information

Let Us Help You Create the Custom List Perfect for You

No one can offer what we do to make your marketing profitable. Including the the power to…

  • Pinpoint prospects with our sophisticated mapping capability
  • Find ideal prospects with our look-a-like predictive models
  • Get the best results – everyone on our data processing team is an expert in information management
  • Free up time and money in your marketing budget with our data solutions