January 24, 2017

Data Protection & Data Protection Day

Happy Data Hygiene day

Many are not aware that January 28th is celebrated internationally as Data Protection Day. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise as current day data breaches are costing companies an average of $4 million, according to a CNBC article referencing a 2016 IBM Security report. That equates to roughly $158 per lost or stolen record. Ouch!

National List Services takes data security very seriously. We only acquire data that is legally and ethically available, and diligently steward that data to the end-user. We also take great care in protecting house data uploaded to our count system at www.nationallistcounts.com for suppression.

National List Count suppressions are protected by multiple layers of security that not only ensure the data is secure externally, but internally as well. National List Services and its employees are unable to access the data in it’s original form. Beyond using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information sent from your browser to the count system, data uploads are additionally encrypted with match-keys that are generated in real-time, and only those match-keys are stored. Data in its original form, is discarded. Additionally, there is absolutely zero Personally Identifiably Information (PII) kept.


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