National Real Property


This file is a comprehensive real property list sourced from the county recorder and assessor records. It is a consumer file that is designed to help you target prospects that own real estate. It’s built on a monthly basis and comprised of more than 67 million parcels that represent over 81 million U.S. households. 

Update Frequency: Monthly

Popular Selects

  • Homeowner Type Detail – Site Owner
  • Home Size and Lot Size
  • Distress Indicator

Additional Selects

  • Estimated Lendable Equity
  • Loan to Value
  • Mortgage Balance

How Data is Compiled

Real Property uses the most recent recorder and assessor files available to reflect the most current ownership and mortgage information. Market values are recalculated, and new tax, assessment and other data elements are also added monthly. Real Property offers a variety of key property and loan selects to choose from: year constructed, home size, presence of pool, loan type, loan transaction type, available equity, lendable equity and is enhanced with consumer demographic data for more precise homeowner targeting capabilities.

Recommended Usage

Excellent to connect with financial institutions or investors, or insurance agents for equity lines, credit cards, or mortgage, property, life, or casualty insurance. Selects are ideal for Refinance companies to find potential new customers. Home services such as lawn care, pest control, water softener, house cleaning, home painting, ect.

Total Universe:

Last Update:

Update Frequency:

Base Rate:
$30/M Name and Address Included
Selects are Additional

Market Type:

Marketing Channels:
Print & Mail, Telemarketing, Digital Audience, Social Media

Minimum Orders:
Minimum Quantity:
100 Records

Minimum Order Cost:

Documents Required for Usage:
DNC Waiver for Unscrubbed Phones

SAN’s Number for Scrubbed Phones