National Prior Week’s New Homeowners List


Our Prior Week’s database is updated on a weekly basis and contains just the newest records available. New homeowners are desirable to target because they are establishing new buying patterns and service relationships. We can also recognize owners of newly constructed homes. New homeowners are extremely desirable because they represent a segment establishing new buying patterns and service relationships.

Update Frequency: Monthly

Popular Selects

  • Finished Square Foot Total
  • Year Built (New Construction or Established)
  • Home Market Value – Actual

Additional Selects

  • Homeowner Type
  • Gender of Primary Owner
  • Number of Children

How Data is Compiled

Sourced from county recorder and assessor information, as well as public record and publicly available data from the following sources: telephone directories, website directories and postings, real property recorder and assessor files, and government licenses. Also includes data from other providers such as demographic data, surveys, questionnaires, and summarized or aggregated purchase data.


  • Over and above the loan, it’s estimated new homeowners spend an additional $7000-$10,000 within the first year on home funishing, appliances, and home repairs.
  • Most popular purchases for new homeowners – programmable thermostat and home system & appliance warranty’s

Recommended Usage

Excellent to connect with financial institutions or investors, or insurance agents for equity lines, credit cards, or mortgage, property, life, or casualty insurance. Home services such as lawn care, pest control, water softener, house cleaning, home painting, home repair/improvement. Retailers that promote home furnishings and appliances would also want to frequent this list!

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Base Rate:
$60/M Name and Address Included
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Marketing Channels:
Print & Mail, Telemarketing, Digital Audience, Social Media

Minimum Orders:
Minimum Quantity:
100 Records

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Documents Required for Usage:
DNC Waiver for Unscrubbed Phones

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