National Prior Week’s New Borrowers List


New Borrowers Weekly List contains the most up-to-date real property information available for known homeowners who have recently obtained increased buying power from either a refinance or an equity loan. Many are looking for additional home-related products and services to raise the value of their properties. This makes this segment perfect for marketers of all home-related products and services, including major appliances and furniture. Select Week of loan to target at the ideal time!

Update Frequency: Weekly

Popular Selects

  • Record Receipt Date (Published Date)
  • Phone Received Date (connected)
  • Home Market Value

Additional Selects

  • Purchase Amt/Transaction Value
  • Loan to Value
  • Gender of Primary Owner

How Data is Compiled

Sourced from county recorder and assessor information, as well as public record and publicly available data from the following sources: telephone directories, website directories and postings, real property recorder and assessor files, and government licenses. Also includes data from other providers such as demographic data, surveys, questionnaires, and summarized or aggregated purchase data.


  • Select by weekly publish date, and after 6 months, records move to Consumer File.
  • Timing is ideal for home services, especially home improvement prior to move in.

Recommended Usage

This list represents homeowners who have recently taken advantage of their home status by completing either a refinance or an equity loan transaction. They have increased buying power – excellent list for finance institutions, investments services, Retail (especially home furnishing products – furniture, mattress, bedding, decor), home services, home appliances, home improvement companies, and Insurance agents.

Total Universe:

Last Update:

Update Frequency:

Base Rate:
$60/M Name and Address Included
Selects are Additional

Market Type:

Marketing Channels:
Print & Mail, Telemarketing, Digital Audience, Social Media

Minimum Orders:
Minimum Quantity:
100 Records

Minimum Order Cost:

Documents Required for Usage:
DNC Waiver for Unscrubbed Phones

SAN’s Number for Scrubbed Phones