June 17, 2020

Carve Out Your Own Office Space

Is your temporary home office starting to feel a little more permeant? What can you do to build a home office that you actually want to work in?

Step one. Figure out what you actually need. Do you actually need a standard desk? How about filing cabinets and office supplies? Understanding what you need will help you figure the space you need and what your priorities should be.

Where should you put it? Is sharing the dining room table not really working anymore? It can be difficult to want to mess up your homes aesthetic with a desk smashed into room. Incorporating your workspace into your living space may help you be more motivated and looking forward to working. Without being a corporate setting, you have more of an opportunity to decorate your space the way you want. This truly your space. You can fill it however you want and put it where you want. You don’t have to star at a wall all day if you don’t want. Put your desk in place where you can command the room, and you’ll feel like you got a promotion.

Even if WFH is temporary for you, it shouldn’t have to feel like it. You deserve to like your space and feel productive in it.


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