November 27, 2020

Are Digital Audio Ads Worth The Hype?

Digital Audio Ads have exploded this year. It’s estimated that advertisers will spend $3.72 billion this year on digital audio advertising. So why all the hype?

What is Digital audio advertising? It’s all the ads you get that are just sound. For example, any podcast, Spotify or Pandora ad is Digital Audio. It’s expected that Digital Audio Ads from just podcasts will surpass a BILLION dollars in 2021 and that the average American will spend nearly 90 minutes a day listening to streamed music or podcasts by 2022.

What’s the advantage of using digital audio ads? They are a great way to connect with consumers through a channel that they enjoy. Due to the nature of podcasts and audio ads, it’s easy to target consumers that are likely to be interested in your product. And it is very cost effective, because the ad only plays if they are listening to music or a podcast. Digital Audio Ads are also a great addition to omnichannel campaigns!

Do you think you could incorporate Digital Audio ads into your campaigns?


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