December 16, 2020

A DOOH Overview


Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is a return to old school advertising, combining the classic advertising experience with new technology and programmatic ad delivery. DOOH isn’t just roadside billboards anymore, digital advertisements can found just about anywhere now: elevators, gyms, airports, public transport, office buildings etc. Why is DOOH so popular?

According to MediaPost, DOOH is likely to become a more than $26 billion industry by 2023. Why? DOOH allows marketers to tailor their advertising to location, time of day, weather and traffic conditions, and more, making its reach and engagement highly effective.

DOOH can be split into two main categories: large-format displays and digital place-based media. Large format displays are properly the main thing people think of when it comes to Digital display advertising. These displays are generally large format screens in high traffic areas such as highways and subways.

Digital place-based media are display screens located in “destinations.” These destinations are places that people are going to for a specific reason instead of just passing by.

What are the advantages of DOOH verses traditional out-of-home displays? DOOH allows marketers to update their messaging remotely and in real time. It also allows marketers to pick times of day and other factors when deciding when to show their ad.

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